White Codex

A set of rules of conduct on a ski slope which every skier or other participant staying near the ski slope is obliged to follow.Health is the most important thing we have, so let’s protect ourselves and others.

RESPONSIBILITY TO BEHAVIOUR – every visitor must behave in the area of the resort, especially on the track, in such a way as not to endanger another visitor and not to cause him/her harm.

AVERAGE SPEED – every skier must keep a clear view of the slope in front of him/her. He/she must adjust his/her speed to his/her ability and capabilities, the terrain, the weather, the snow conditions as well as the density of skiers on the track. When approaching the boarding stations on the downhill slope, it is the duty of each skier to reduce his speed at least 50 metres before the actual arrival so as not to endanger his own safety and the safety of other people.

CHOICE OF DIRECTION AND RESPONSIBILITY – a skier coming from behind must choose his direction of travel so as not to endanger the skier in front of him. The skier in front always has the right of way. A skier following another skier must keep a sufficient distance to leave the skier in front clear for the direction and method of travel.

DIRECTION OF RIDE – On marked slopes it is only permitted to move in a downhill direction. It is strictly forbidden to move on marked slopes in the opposite direction! (does not apply to ski resort staff and personnel).

OVERTAKING – it is allowed to overtake from the left and from the right, but in such a way that the overtaken skier has enough space to change direction and also the way of driving.

ENTRY AND RUNNING ON THE TRACK – anyone entering or crossing the slope is obliged to make sure that another skier is not approaching from above, so as not to endanger himself or others and to avoid a possible collision.

STOPPING – A visitor may stop and stand only in places where he/she is clearly visible and where he/she does not obstruct others from the proper use of the trail. Stopping and standing may only be done at the edge of the trail.

WALKING ON FOOT – Walking on foot is only allowed off the trails.

RESPECTING SIGNS – Everyone must respect all signs posted on the downhill trails.

IN CASE OF ACCIDENT – In the event of an accident on or off the slopes, each skier is required to render aid and notify an authorized person. (Mountain rescue service, or staff of cableways or ski lifts.) Everyone involved in the accident is obliged to submit to a breath test for alcohol, carried out by an authorised employee of the ski resort.

ACCIDENT REPORTING – every participant and witness of the accident is obliged to provide the mountain service or ski resort staff with basic information about his/her person.

SAFETY – Persons under the age of 16 are required to protect their heads on the ski slope by wearing a properly fitted safety helmet – The person organising the activity on the ski slope is obliged to ensure that persons under the age of 16 wear reflective safety clothing or visibly display reflective safety features – Marked downhill slopes are groomed except in the “freeride” zones. Each visitor uses the trails at his/her own risk and must consider his/ her abilities with regard to the condition of the trails, weather and their permeability before using them.

SKIPPASS – each visitor is obliged to use the transport facilities only with a valid ski pass and before boarding the transport facility he/she is obliged to present it at the request of a resort employee or other person in charge of the control. A valid ski pass is a ski pass that has not expired and for which the visitor meets all the required conditions. All ski passes are non-transferable. All ski passes are monitored by the Skidata system and may only be used by one person. In case of use by a second person, they will be blocked, as well as ski passes purchased outside the resort ticket office.

The skier is obliged to report any accident to the operator in the SKI MILLS SHOP. Each participant of the accident and each injured person is obliged to undergo a breath test for alcohol, performed by an authorized employee of the ski resort. Every visitor is obliged to familiarize himself with these rules – the “White Code”. By purchasing a ski pass, using the transport equipment or entering the ski resort, each visitor undertakes to comply with these rules. In case of violation of these rules, the visitor may have his/her ski pass withdrawn and will be banned from the resort!

If there is night skiing on the slopes, entry is allowed from 17:00 – 21:0, as there is a risk of injury from snow cannon cables and from grooming machines, especially winches with an unwound rope!

By entering the ski resort, visitors are obliged to respect the rules of this White Code. The basic structure of the visitor care services consists of the Ski Rescue Service and the Order Service in the car park and in the ski resort area. The Ski Ambulance Service performs health protection tasks by providing first aid for injuries, especially on the slope. The order service supervises order under the slope, in the car parks, carries out security of the property entrusted to it and directs the parking of vehicles.

Every visitor as well as skiers move in the resort on their own responsibility, respecting the instructions of the ski resort staff, ski rescue service and police service. In the event of the need to use equipment to groom the slopes, transport the injured, when removing acute defects on the slopes, visitors are obliged to increase caution and respect the necessity of using this equipment. On the slope, avoid this equipment at a reduced speed and monitor the situation in the area of its deployment and use.

The resort operator reserves the right, in the event of a breach of any of the principles and instructions set out in the White Code and the operator’s general instructions, to refuse access to the ski slopes to the person in breach of these principles and instructions and, at the same time, to refuse such person the use of the services of the mountain transport facilities by blocking his/her ski pass, after prior notice.

It is forbidden on ski slopes:

  • skiing outside the set operating hours,
  • skiing off the groomed slopes,
  • entering the slopes with pets,
  • riding private snowmobiles in the resort area and on the slopes, as well as other means of transport that could endanger the safety of resort visitors,
  • arbitrary sledging and bobsledding,
  • building slalom courses or various terrain obstacles without the consent of the resort operator,
  • to carry out supply operations using private equipment during operating hours,
  • staying off the illuminated slopes during night skiing,
  • skiing and entering the slope when it is being groomed by technical means, as there is a risk of serious injury,
  • not skiing/snowboarding,
  • skiing with inadequate, health-threatening equipment,
  • entering slopes and transport facilities, skiing and snowboarding under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,
  • ascent up marked slopes or along the edge of marked slopes is forbidden for ski mountaineers (does not apply to marked cross-country skiing/ski mountaineering trails, where ascent is allowed).

Follow the rules:

  • Slow down on full slopes.
  • Slow down in bad weather.
  • Slow down when tired.
  • Slow down in tight corners and before a break in the slope.
  • Overtake with plenty of lateral separation, even if you don’t crash, you can spook.
  • Don’t ski above the limit of your equipment and ability.
  • Slow down when you have an accident on the slope, use equipment, encounter an obstacle.

In case of violation of these regulations, sanctions will be drawn against the violators by the resort operator, to the extent of its capabilities, in more serious cases in accordance with the relevant legislation.